Back after gardening break

Towards end of June it starts to get really busy at work and lasts well into first few weeks of July. It is that time of the year, although I had decided to spend some time with garden every day, it did not happen. This time really coincides with start of fall gardening, fertilizing summer veggies but it goes on backburner. Well, things have now eased up and finally I can concentrate more on home front and garden too.

On from 5th July we are blessed with sunnier days and warmer temperatures, garden is loving every bit of the sunshine. I managed lot of gardening work yesterday, cleaning up garden – raking, weeding, deadheading old flower stalks. I transplanted pepper/eggplant/karela that have been indoors so far. Something has been chewing up on squash, I already lost 7 seedlings so I moved remaining Squash to other location. By now, I should be getting baby zukes but this damage is giving me a month of late start.

Last week was all about picking berries and fruit. I have a 4 year old Bing Cherry tree out in the yard, crows in my neighborhood wait impatiently to pick cherries from this tree. After loosing quite a bit semi-ripe cherries couple weeks back, I decorated the tree with old reflective CDs, wind chimes, blackberry thorns to scare crows away. Crows didn’t budge so I had to cover few branches with soft cloth (my mom’s old saree), that did the trick and I was able to pick sweet, succulent cherries. I got 3 raspberry canes from a friend last year, one broke during windstorm last year, 2 of the remaining canes came loaded this year. I got abundant berries from just these 2 canes – about 150. Canes that bore fruit this year will die down this year but raspberry sends out baby plants so I’ll have few more canes next year. I already spot 4-5 new canes but I’ll have to do some rearranging and placing for next year’s.
June bearing Strawberries are giving me fruits now – in July. Me and girls went with big basket yesterday and got big basketful. Generous sprinkling of sluggo last week really helped with slugs attack, at least I am eating strawberries this year vs last year I was picking leftovers from slugs.

Over last couple weeks, I have picked generous amount of chard, bok choy, sping onions and big bunches of turnips. First potatoes were also picked. Here are some photos:

DSC_0006 DSC_0004

I am already very late on fall planting, I have to fire up this week and get cranking ….


5 thoughts on “Back after gardening break

  1. That’s a nice harvest. Its a pleasure to see from here and I am sure you enjoyed tasting them too. I think the importance of sunlight/warm temperature can only be appreciated when we are in places like yours and you seem to do justice to it. In India, I think we take sunlight for granted and waste it.

    I have a month old turnip plants(purple top kind). Lets see how they turn out. BTW, you mentioned potato and I couldn’t see any.


    1. I agree, I totally started appreciating sunlight in last 3-4 years that I am living in Northwest. Sun is a rare out here and in summer months when sun is out longer and bright, it is just amazing to watch that plants grow so much even in 2-3 days. But nothing like in India when my mom can grow chilli peppers bu dozen in December 🙂
      Great that you have Purple Top Turnip growing, I have few more left in ground. BTW – I am from mumbai and I had not seen turnips at all before this, Do you use them in cooking? if so, will you please share usage when you post your blog abt it? 🙂

      1. I feel more people in india should start using the amazing sunlight we get year round. There is so much potential in it. Anyway we will get there with the current price growth for veggies.

        Honestly, I have read about it turnips as a kid and never seen/grown. Until my in-laws told me and got the seeds for me to try it out as well. So I have never used them in cooking. This time I will and when I do I will definitely post about it :).

  2. Good to see that harvest. Home grown food always tastes better than the store bought! Regarding the squash damage – which one in particular? If you see a hollow stem it could be vine borer/stem borer. Anything different?

    1. Squash damage is all because of slugs (sad), I got only stems left – no leaves or cotyledons in sight. My house borders to the open grass belt on one side and all the slug attack comes from the open field. After Sluggo, slugs were nowhere to be seen for 2-3 weeks but I am starting to see them now again, I think I have to Sluggo them every 3-4 weeks. Due to all this my squash plants are just getting started, I am way so late. I saw your Zuk photos, very cool. How did it taste?

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