Weekly Update: week 27, more sowing and berries galore

Start to the summer is surely bringing sunnier days to western Washington. Days are in high 60s and nights are staying above 50s, days are longer. This all translates into end of spring veggies, many of then are dying, bolting or yellowing. Summer vegetables are not growing big yet due to lack of real heat. Sun is out there but mostly hidden behind cloud covers. This weather is predicted to last first few days into July.
About a month back, my FIL built few vegetables beds using untreated cedar wood. two of these beds sit in shaded part of the garden, these receive mild morning sun till about 2 pm. I started out this bed with Rapini, lettuce, turnip and Spinach – all cool loving crops. Although it’s not hot yet here, spinach and rapini bolted and is pulled last weekend. This bed was poorly planted and underutilized since it’s built, now it is planned and planted for summer months – again with cool loving plants. Here’s how how it is planted:

Berries are ready, almost ready, maybe in about 1-2 weeks. Raspberries were earliest, these sit in sunniest spot. I picked very first raspberry on June 17th, they have been ripening steadily over last 2 weeks. I pick about 10 almost every 3 days from just 3 canes. I cannot wait for next year when these 3 canes have produced some more baby plants which will bear fruit next year. Strawberries are getting plump, they are still green though. last year most of strawberries were attacked by slugs – this year I have sprinkled generous sluggo around strawberries and protected them with copper barrier on one side. Let’s see how that goes 🙂 I got 2 small blueberry plants alongside north fence, these berries will ripen soon.

Harvest continues – I picked Mustard which was ready to bolt, used it in mustard-bean curry on Sunday. Raspberries are flowing in. My biggest surprise and excitement came from real potatoes this week. Back in April when I came back from India, I saw 2 supermarket bought potatoes sprouted in pantry. Instead of tossing in trash, I cut ‘eyes’ and buried them out. Fast forward 3 months – Potato plant had flowered, 3 days back I buried my fingers down in soil and felt a good size potato. I could not wait any longer and dug out the plant – I got 3 good size potatoes and there were several tiny ones forming (I’ll wait a little longer next time). I have one more potato plant that isn’t flowering yet.

Sorry, no photos for the week. Camera is acting funny and refuses to take any pictures. Happy Gardening!


2 thoughts on “Weekly Update: week 27, more sowing and berries galore

  1. That’s a good list you have there! For the potatoes I think you should wait till they wilt or die. If you hill them up you would get more potatoes. I am growing them in the backyard and threw some top soil over them in a heap. I have to see how many potatoes they produce.

    1. @UJ – Sorry for late reply I am just buried at work latey. Yes, I did hill potatoes about 6-10 inches. This is just my experiement, I hope to get better as years pass. Did you harvest yours already?

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