Fall Gardening planning

It’s end June and the summer garden season is not even really started for me, and yet I am thinking ahead to the coming fall and winter season. I want to do fall and winter gardening and I have to come to terms with the fact that we always have to be thinking about 2 to 3 months ahead of our current situation, sowing seeds and prepping now to meet future harvest expectations. Even though I tried fall vegetables last year, this is truly first full year of growing for me and I am learning as I proceed.   

Typical fall and winter crops for me will include Fenugreek, Turnip, carrots, Broccoli,  Brussels sprouts, cabbages, Swiss chard, lettuces and spinach.  Here’s base plan for me.

  Sowing date Days to mature Desired Maturity Date
Brussels Sprouts 15-Jun 150 30-Oct
Early cabbage 25-Jun 80 30-Sep
bunching onion 1-Jul 70 30-Sep
Dill 1-Jul 90 30-Sep
Kale 1-Jul 70 30-Sep
Peas 1-Jul 60 1-Sep
Turnip 1-Jul 90 30-Sep
Beets 10-Jul 80 30-Sep
Broccoli 10-Jul 110 30-Oct
Kohlrabi 10-Jul 80 30-Sep
Swiss Chard 10-Jul 80 30-Sep
Lettuce 15-Jul 45 30-Sep
Peas 15-Jul 60 15-Sep
Beets 20-Jul 90 30-Oct
Turnip 20-Jul 100 30-Oct
Spinach 1-Aug 55 30-Sep
bokchoy 10-Aug 60 10-Oct
Broccoli Raab 10-Aug 50 30-Sep
Lettuce 15-Aug 45 30-Oct
Mesclun Mix 15-Aug 45 30-Sep
Radish 15-Aug 40 30-Sep
Fenugreek 25-Aug 35 30-Sep
Mesclun Mix 1-Sep 50 20-Oct
Radish 1-Sep 40 15-Oct
Mesclun Mix 5-Sep 50 30-Oct
Fenugreek 10-Sep 35 15-Oct
Lettuce 10-Sep 50 30-Nov
Fenugreek 1-Oct 35 5-Nov
Fenugreek 10-Oct 30 15-Nov
Garlic (overwinter) overwinter   10-Oct
onion (overwinter) overwinter   1-Sep
Spinach (overwinter) overwinter   1-Sep
Broad Beans overwinter   10-Sep

Happy Gardening!


5 thoughts on “Fall Gardening planning

  1. Hi,
    Just happened to stumble upon your blog when I was searching for the method to germinate fenugreek seeds. I should say your blog has made my day:). I am gonna try it out tonight itself. Also I wanted to complement you on your lovely garden. Well, I don’t have the luxury of garden (staying in Mumbai), but have taken to container gardening which is kinda doing pretty well:). Amongst veggies growing zucchini, red capsicum, mexican chillies, cabbage, brinjal, spinach and most herbs. Besides have around a flower garden as well. Please keep blogging more about your garden:).
    An avid gardener

  2. @Shubha: Thank you for your complements and kind words. I myself am from Mumbai and I can totally imagine how challenging it can be to find space to garden in the city. You are doing wonderful job of growing despite space problem. where do you buy seeds in Mumbai? I just haven’t seen any garden shops in city, most nursuries sell soil, pots and live plants. Please do share photos of your garden.
    I myself is still earning, being Indian I want to grow edibles that we use most often But it is challenge in part where I live. My experiments continue ….

    1. Its great to know that you are Mumbai as well:). While I love this city, I really wish I had more space:)…Even I am pretty new to gardening as such…just took up to it when I was in the ‘gardening’ period in my last job:) and I found that this is calling…lol…As regards to the gardening ingredients I buy it from Kora kendra nursery (govt owned) at Borivali…Seeds I source it from several places – I visit Pune sometimes so I stock it up from Jagtap nursery, Tukai exotics…Indian seeds are available at Kora Kendra and Ratnashi Agro (Byculla). Also whenever I travel abroad I pick up seeds…ha ha ya most women would have been interested in shopping but look at me!…I picked up few exotic varieties which are difficult to get in India at Venice this time. I am also contemplating getting few shipped if the costs are not too prohibitive…

      1. @Subhashini – Yes, I agree it is a calling, I had no gardening exposure till about 2 years back and now I am hooked on. It’s got to be in genes 🙂 Good information about places to get seeds, I am making note ot it.

  3. Where can I purchase seeds/plants /bulbs to nurture indian meadow flowers in Wada area.?

    Bulbs of the Glory and Tiger lily ?
    Parijat /Champa plants..?
    Meadow grasses in clumps ?

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