First day of Summer in Nation’s Icebox

It’s first day of summer and it hardly feels like it. Today’s facebook status update from my friend reads – “bundled up like in winter, too sad I already vacuum sealed all my winter gear”. Really? it is that cold and wet? Yes, yesterday we were 17 deg below normal temp. Yikes!!

According to’s weather blog -  We enter Day 279 since the last time we hit at least 75 degrees. Yes, we are yet to reach 75 here and looking at next 10 day’s forecast, it isn’t happening any sooner.  It is COLD and it is WET, VERY WET. How wet are we? put it all together, and in the 37 days since May 16th, it has rained on 34 of them, with our only dry days coming on May 24, June 5 and June 18. That is completely unheard of for this time of year. 

Okay, so doing some comparable analysis based on weatherman’s ideas: Checking weather in some typical cold spots around the globe –

Sammamish 53
Seattle 55
Calgary 63
Toronto 73
Halifax, Nova Scotia 70
Oslo 68
Yakutsk, Siberia 67 ( what ??)

so Siberia is warmer than us? Pacific Northwest summer can be either ‘tomato’ year or ‘cabbage’ year – No doubt we have declared this year as cabbage year but all I want this year is at least one ripe tomato 😦

(Writing this is  inspired by Komo’s weatherman blog – )


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