Weekly Update: Week 23, last week of May 2010

I am getting slimed, there are thousands of slugs in the garden, yikes. Where did they all come from? Last 4-5 days, I managed to get rid of (read: squish) at least 80-90 of them. Most of them are baby slugs, only about 6-7 were big size guys. It is said that for every 1 slug you get to, there are 20 more hiding. This foggy, moist, rainy weather is not ending and slugs are loving it, they are everywhere. Damage is seen everywhere – fenugreek, radish, bok choy, chard, spinach, marigold. I read that slugs eat food equal to their body volume everyday, this is insane, it is time to take an action. I got Sluggo – Iron phosphate based slug killer today. I’ll report back on results in few days.

Question for you readers – can I still eat food infested by slugs? what about slime? I see big spinach leaves with small holes caused by slugs, do you throw these or still eat after washing?

Okay, now moving to some gardening news. It is said that “When Bearded Iris starts to bloom then transplant eggplant, peppers”.  Alright, bearded Iris is in bloom but do I trust yet to plant out eggplant and peppers? NO, not yet.  Not that I don’t trust phenology but weather is not warm enough for peppers and eggplants. Last year, I planted out peppers too soon and these stayed stunted for good 2 months, when weather warmed up i   n August then peppers started putting on growth. I think I’ll rather pot up eggplants and peppers, nurture them inside for some more time. I did transplant 3 bitter melon outside on Friday, these are dying I think, they did not take transplant well, are wilting and look pale.

Sown: None
Transplanted: Green beans and Yard long beans, Yellow and green squash, my lonely butternut squash seedling and few bunching onions. 3 Bitter melon seedlings.
Harvested: Fenugreek, half pound. some of it was slug damaged, I had to carefully throw away damaged, (about half of total), and triple wash it to remove any slime (there was some slime).


Happy Growing.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Update: Week 23, last week of May 2010

  1. I am not sure if one can eat the food half eaten by the slugs. But when you grow Brassicaceae you can expect a lot of snails and slugs. I haven’t used any pesticide as I am trying to do it the organic way. You can use diatomaceous earth but would be ineffective when it rains as it washes off. Also you can try a beer trap to drown them. I pick them up after it it stops raining and I have used copper collars effectively. Although it doesn’t kill them it prevents them from eating the leaves.

  2. @UJ – Thank you for your suggestion, I’ll get diatomaceous earth and give it a try. I am using Sluggo – which is iron phosphate based deterrent, organic certified. I am seeing less slugs but they are not entirely gone. Rain in last 2-3 days has washed away any sluggo that I applied. Just today morning, saw some damage on radish, chard and lettuce. I have been diligently picking slugs at dusk and early morning. I got tiny baby slugs in garden, very few big guys. I have to employ tactics that you suggested – beer traps tonight. Thank you for your beer trap suggestion, I have to stop slugs from getting to strawberries before me 🙂

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