How’s the garden growing? – One More Seedling Tour

Enough of the seedlings, really, I am waiting for warmer days so many things can be moved in to the garden. Here’s photo tour of the seedlings and garden in last week of May.

There is no germination in directly seeded green beans, Intense rain last 2 weeks managed to rot the seeds. Out of frustration, I started trayful of green beans inside, these have come up nicely.


Spinach on left and chard on right, spinach is growing beyond 4 leaves, this is first time for me.


Broccoli raab has put on new growth  


Dill has sprouted in container, it is densely planted because I’ll am growing dill to use as greens, won’t be growing for seed


Neat rows of radish, I have 2 varieties growing – Cherry Belle and icicle. Seedlings are about 1 week old.


And now, now so good photos – Due to intense rains and cooler temps, warm weather crops are suffering. We still have temps in lower 60s during days and nights are 40s. Feels like March… Basil is dying, Agatha tomatoes are stunted. I am being lazy to bring them inside during nights, I think should start doing that.

DSC_0045 DSC_0046


2 thoughts on “How’s the garden growing? – One More Seedling Tour

  1. Good to see your seedlings! The Broccoli which I planted was almost eaten completely by the snails and slugs. So I check when it rains. For the tomatoes you can protect them from the cold by cutting a 2 liter soda bottle at the top (about 4’6″ with the neck) and cover the pots.

    1. @UJ Sad to hear your Broccoli was gone, I hate slugs, with this never ending rain slugs are everywhere. I got iron phosphate based bait 2 days back, hoping it keeps population down. I too hunt for slugs at dusk. Upon reading your comment, I protected tomatoes with used yougurt containers and bottomless cups. I’ll save soda bottles going forward, this is a good idea.

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