Weekly Update: Week 22, May 2010

Northwest weather is in its trademark soggy state right now, we have been getting cloudy, rainy, cool days. Temps hover around high 50s during daytime and drop down to 40s during night. definitely this is bad time for all warm weather loving plants, tomatoes that I planted out last week are stunting back, no growth. How do I protect them from this low temps? Basil is dying, why did I plant it out so early, I should know better. I seeded 2 varieties of beans 10 days back (Green beans, blue lake bush and yard long), both have been rotting in the soil, no germination. Given my frustration, I started a tray full of beans indoors, not sure if beans can handle transplant out when weather warms a bit. Adding to all this craziness are slugs, these are everywhere. baby slugs and big ones too, I read that best way to get rid of slugs is just to pluck and throw them far away, I have been doing the same. Slugs got their favorites too – they seem to hang around more around radish, zucchini and strawberries.

Sown:  Beans – Blue lake bush, Beans – Yardlong, Beans – Gawar
Transplanted: Mustard, bunching onions
Harvested: None

I just wish for the rains to stop and give us some warmer days. Happy Growing!