Raised Beds are here

TADA! My FIL built a raised bed for side garden, wow I am so excited. Since he built it, he claimed it and said ONLY he’ll be growing in that bed. I am off-limit, that’s a fair deal. It’s no fancy, we held together lumber with few pieces of nail. I am cheap and don’t want to spend tons in my second year of gardening, we’ll see how long this garden bed lasts. We amended soil by adding steer manure, compost and garden soil. He sowed Fenugreek in half part and cilantro in rest.
Plan is to buy more lumber for raised beds, I think I can accommodate 3 beds on north end of the garden and 1 by the back entry. Home Depot, Here I come…

(Update: I bought few more wood planks of untreated cedar and made 2 more bed, Now I have 2 beds (5 ft by 4ft) and one (5 ft by 3 ft). Uj pointed that raised beds should be 2 or 3 ft in width max, I agree, thank you. I got this serious issue of usable space in my garden and I have to make one of the beds 4 ft in width)

I seeded/transplanted this bed very carefully, it is my first time and I was more than excited. Weather is not co-operating for last 2 weeks, we are yet to see sun out. This is making all plants stunted, nothing is growing well in my garden. I should not complain of this never ending rain, clouds and mist – this is typical Northwest. This is how bed looks like right now –


Garden Bed 1 – lettuce and Spinach seeded back in March were transplanted. Beets, Turnip, Onion, Broccoli Raab and Chard were direct seeded. These seedlings never got any fertilizer or growth drink, these look poor and stunted. I think I should make a trip to home depot and buy some fish emulsion.

garden Bed 2 – FIL claimed this bed, he seeded fenugreek and cilantro in half parts. Fenugreek took off and is looking healthy. Cilantro (crushed coriander seeds) will need about 15 days and warmer air to germinate.


5 thoughts on “Raised Beds are here

  1. Thank you Jimmy, love your site too. I’m going to follow it, so much to learn there.
    Good to know that 4ft width is okay, I just have to remember to reach from either sides and not to trample the soil.

  2. Since you have raised beds, why don’t you try Square Foot Gardening? It’s ideal for growing plenty of veggies in small areas.

    1. @AK : Square Foot Gardening sounds cool, I too hear that it is very efficient at growing plenty in small areas. Sounds like it’ll be an good option for me. I need to learn more about that, get some books, read more. Thanks for your suggestion, I am going to give it a try. I’ll be a good thing to do for fall gardening…..

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