Freak Winter Storm in May

I really don’t want 2 posts in a row ranting about cold weather and hail, but I can’t help it. While East coast is enjoying hot summer like weather, we are here stuck in hail and snow showers.  It started yesterday around noon and ended by midnight – high winds, hail, slush, icy rain, thick droplets and more hail…

Slushy Intersection @Sammamish, Hail accumulation in my raised bed


I was going to sow beans and squash seeds yesterday but weather didn’t permit me. I hope it warms up after this freak storm and I can get back to sowing.  I have tiny seedlings and few seeds out in the raised bed, not sure yet about the damage.


2 thoughts on “Freak Winter Storm in May

  1. Try to keep the width of the raised bed within 3 ft or 4ft max so that you can reach the middle from either sides. You wouldn’t want to step in the middle and compress the soil!

    1. Yes, excellent suggestion.Me and FIL already built 2 beds which are 5ft by 5ft, it is already proving hard for me to reach in the middle. I’ll have to do some clever adjusting for remaining 2 beds.

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