and the spring sowing begins… (better late than never)

What a week it has been, we got hailstorm, pounding rain one day and summer temps in 70s another day. I don’t have anything growing in garden yet so no damage from hail. I am so behind on seed starting, planting and spring chores this year, more important things like doing taxes took precedence last week. 
DSC_0196 DSC_0197 DSC_0198
Very first thing I wanted to do is to ‘make’ space for vegetable garden beds in the garden. We got very weedy space with old, non-flowering plants which needed to clear to get garden beds going. Even though I am late on plantings, I really want to make things right this year. This week is all about that, we (me and FIL) cleared up dying rose vines, cottontail weeds, dogwood, 2 overgrown butterfly bushes (why were these in garden at all, there are listed as  invasive species in state of Washington) and small pine tree. Re-located lupines and summer lily.
Now next is building raised beds… we went to Home depot shopping over the weekend. I picked up lumber to build some raised beds. I am not into woodworking and never done so, I’ll request FIL to make one for me.

Sown this week

Lettuce, buttercrunch
Eggplant, Ichiban
Cauliflower, Silver Cup
Hot Peppers, seeds saved from grocery store dry pepper
Bell Peppers, Ace sweet pepper
Tomato – Agatha, Kimberly (
Flowers – Cosmos, Begonia Dragon Wing

Harvested this week
picking of mint for garnish


2 thoughts on “and the spring sowing begins… (better late than never)

  1. I hope you bought 2×4’s or 2×6’s or 2×8’s of untreated cedar. You could use pine but it would decompose in a few years. Cedar will last longer. Also try to use galvanized iron nails/screws. They withstand the harsh weather unlike the steel one’s which rust and this would leech into the soil.

  2. I bought untreated cedar but my raised beds (2 so far) are 5ft by 5ft. When I started sowing first time last week, I realized it is hard for me to reach the middle. I have 2 more to build, I’ll carefully measure and cut for remaining. And I am not sure what nails I used, I have to look – This is good piece of advice. I have very limited space in backyard which gets good sunlight, challenging to use it space efficiently.

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