Back to Gardening

I am back to Seattle. It feels like spring and we are officially allowed to start dreaming (and working) on gardens. Yay!  I can hardly wait for days to get longer and brighter and things to start growing again….

I was away for 2 months visiting family, had to plan trip last minute. Just before leaving, in late February, I threw seeds in few pots lying on patio. I have been reading a lot about wintersowing, I thought to give it a try… I didn’t get much time to cover pots, these remained outside braving cold and rain. Now I am back and glad to see that few seeds managed to germinate. wintersowing success! Spinach, Lettuce and Peas germinated well, Cherry Belle radishes are bulbing up. Few brassicas seedlings are seen ( I don’t remember if I sown cabbage/Cauliflower or Turnip), time will tell.

Wintersowing efforts in February


Lettuce, Spinach and cabbage has germinated in April

DSC_0206 DSC_0207

Broccoli and Brussels Sprouts from last winter have bolted.

DSC_0203 DSC_0205

Sown this week
Potatoes – Supermaket bought, Yukon Gold and Russett
Peas – Super Sugar Snap, ed hume seeds from last year’s packet

While I was away for 7 weeks, 3 supermarket bought potatoes remained in pantry. These sent out shoots/sprouts. I still don’t know correct way of chitting potatoes or if I should/should not be using supermarket version But I am going to give it a try sowing them. I dug up trench 1 ft deep and sown cut up ‘eyes’ of potatoes. One is Yukon Gold and other is Russett (I think)


Harvested this week
half pound of Chives. I used big bunch in potato/carrot curry today morning.