2010 Plants List is here

With vow that I may not purchase any seedlings this year (lol, yeah that’s going to happen), plant list is almost taking shape for this year. I did collect/order plenty of seeds over winter, I’ll grow most of the plants from seeds this year.

Vegetables (Variety is listed in front)

Amaranth, Midnight Red
Beans, Blue Lake Bush
Beets, Detroit Dark Red
Bell Peppers, Ace Sweet Pepper
Bell Peppers, home saved seeds
Bok Choi, Chinese Mustard
Broccoli Raab
Brussels Sprouts, Long Island Improved
Cabbage, Quick Start
Cauliflower, Silver Cup
Cilantro, seeds from Indian Grocery Store
Cucumber, Muncher
Dill, Dukat
Dill, seeds from Indian Grocery Store
Eggplant, Ichiban
Eggplant, Slim Jim

Fenugreek, seeds from Indian Grocery Store

Lettuce, Buttercrunch
Okra, Clemson
Onion, Evergreen Bunching
Peas, Super Sugar Snap
Radish, Cherry Belle
Radish, Icicle
Spinach, Giant Noble
Spinach, Olympia Hybrid
Squash, Waltham Butternut
Sweet banana Peppers
Swiss Chard, Rainbow Blend
Tomato, Agatha
Tomato, Chudo Rinka
Tomato, Cold Set
Tomato, Early Kus Ali
Tomato, Italian Market Wonder
Tomato, Kimberly
Tomato, San Marzano
Tomato, Sheyenne
Tomato, Sungold
Tomato, Tommy Toes
Turnip, Purple Top White Globe
Zucchini, Black Beauty



Begonia, Dragon Wing Pink
Cosmos, Seeds saved from Friends garden
Lavender, perennial in garden
Marigold, Saved seeds
Marigold, sweet cream
Morning Glory, Heavenly Blue

Nigella, seeds from Indian Grocery store

Red Columbine
Rose Mallow
Roses, already in garden
Rudbeckia, Orange Red
Silver Dollar, Lunaria Annua
Tennessee Coneflower
Wild Blue Lupine
Wildflower Blend Seeds
Zinnia, saved seeds from Friend’s garden



Cherry, Rainier
Strawberry, June bearing



Catnip, perennial

Chives, perennial in garden

Lemon Balm, perennial
Lemon Grass
Rosemary, perennial
Spearmint, perennial, transplant from friend’s garden last fall
Sweet Basil

2 thoughts on “2010 Plants List is here

    1. @GoodEarth: Yes, I thought so too after writing down this list 🙂 We have a very short growing season, about 4 months and I get too excited to grow many things. This is just a wish list, I am cutting down a lot in reality.
      I saw your blog too, good going on amaranth harvest (we call it ‘red math’, my fav leafy veg). I would like to try it growing myself. I like your blog, good writing.

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