I was on vacation in California for thanksgivings. It’s December and they still have blue skies, crisp air, pretty flowers, green hills, ripening tomatoes and fruiting trees. There’s a reason people want to live in California.

DSC_0318 Sun soaked Marigolds


DSC_0313Lemon Tree, I am thinking Thai curry with lemon leaves







Persimmon Tree, there were 100+ fruits on this 8 feet tree.




I spotted fennel growing wildly on freeway side, this is on Concord, Vacaville side. a closer look and it is indeed Fennel. Fennel is weed in California 🙂


4 thoughts on “California

  1. I hate to burst your bubble, but it’s been below 40 degrees for more than a week, and it’s gray and rainy right now. We do have winter here. I’m in Bay Area, but my daughter in LA reports the same.

    1. Yes Marcy I agree. Bay area weather turned week after we were there, I even heard about heavy snow on Mt. Diablo and mission hills in Fremont. I wish I was there to witness all that excitement….

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