failures 2009

In retrospect gardening went well this year, many great harvests and equal amount of failures. In all, I’m happy with my newfound gardening interest. It is very delightful to witness small seedling magically appearing from soil, flowers budding from plants and many fruits/veggies getting to their prime.

With this, there are many failures to list.
Lettuce – I grew too much, last of few I added to compost pile directly

Bokchoy – fall sown, something kept eating leaves and stems never grew any fatter

Spinach – won’t grow beyond 3 true leaves

Brussels Sprouts – started way late? I still have hope as I think I can harvest it till December?

Peppers – planted in non-so-ideal location, these need more light and fertile warm soil. Although I managed to get 7-8 big size peppers, these small ones were still growing when I pulled up plants. I need to set these in sunnier location and maybe cover soil with black plastic to help them retain heat.

Butternut squash – sown too late, see above tiny raw lone squash I picked last week. I am sure if it had one more month to grow, would have grown and ripen. I’ll seed this variety earlier next year. It looks cute though, right now it is adorning Halloween decor inside the house.