Garden Planning 2010: growing Indian vegetables

Year 2009 gave me good learning and more encouragement to grow my own vegetables. I grew lots of lettuce, peas – western vegetables. I did better with fenugreek (methi), dill (shepu), cilantro, mint and peppers. Next year my total focus will be growing Indian vegetables – that I love to eat every single day.

Here’s the 2010 plan –
Greens: Fenugreek (methi), Chinese Spinach (math), Spinach
Squash: Dudhi/Lauki/Bottle Gourd, Cucumbers
Beans: Green beans, Snap Peas, Long beans, Okra
Alliums: Spring onion
Fruit Vegetables: Tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, Eggplant, sweet peppers, hot peppers
Root Vegetables: Potatoes – Yukon gold and fingerlings

I’ll grow below veggies just because I have free leftover seeds from this year
Greens: Basil, Lettuce, Brussels Sprouts
Squash: Zucchini , Butternut Squash
Alliums: Spring onion 
Root Vegetables: Beets, Radishes 

Fun veggies:
I am planning to grow Kala vatana and Rajma just for fun, ever inquisitive mind wants to know how seedlings look like, are flowers beautiful? I also want to grow just 2 of each – cabbage and cauliflower. Just for fun.

Apart from leftover seeds from this year, I am planning to order few Indian veggie seeds from these seed stores, I checked their websites. Time to order for catalog 🙂
Johnny’s Selected Seeds – got good selection with bottle gourd and greens
Evergreen Seeds – Specialized company with Asian vegetables, good selection
SeedsofIndia – everything and anything from India. I usually tend to buy seeds from local area suppliers as these seeds are developed suitable to environment. I suspect success rate with seedsofindia as it seems these seeds are imported from India?


2 thoughts on “Garden Planning 2010: growing Indian vegetables

  1. Where are you moving to in California? I’m 26, Indian, and brand new to agriculture. I got tired of the sales an business world and bought myself a 21 acre ranch. My goal is to grow great organic Indian vegetables that are very hard to find here. I would love to chat and learn what I can from you. My ranch is close to temecula,ca.

    1. Hi Amit, Thank you for visiting this blog. Congratulations on making choices in life about what you really want, it is very hard to do. Your goal is very admirable, unfortunately I don;t have much advice for you. I am a newbie myself experiementing in my garden. I advice you talk to, they have much better knowledge. Temecula weather is very close to Indian hot weather, you’ll be successful in your venture.

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