Out of season berries

What’s going on with Raspberry canes and blueberries? We are in cold zone, temperatures almost touching 40F at nights and 60s in days. Plants and shrubs should be changing colors and going dormant to face wintry weather. Instead raspberries are budding and blueberries are giving me second crop?

DSC_0329 DSC_0333

Raspberry flowers?

After  windstorm 2 days back, it was partially sunny day yesterday. I went to examine raspberry came damage and saw cluster of buds on one of the canes. A good friend gave 3 canes as gift in early summer, since these are new canes friend told me that they’ll start bearing fruit next season. I wasn’t hoping on fall harvest. These are in sunniest spot in garden.. maybe that’s what to do with it. Not sure at this point if they’ll bear fruit or not… let’s wait and watch together. I am excited 🙂

Blueberries are going crazy too, I am surely getting 2nd tart crop in few days. Do these typically give 2nd harvest?