Mystery vine from squash family


Sometime in June, on left side of the house, I noticed upon a small seedling. I was busy weeding and this tiny seedling came very close to being plucked and thrown into compost pile. It looked interesting, nothing like regular weed selection, it looked more like belonging to squash family. Out of curiosity I didn’t weed it, instead watered it every week. Today after 2 months, it has grown into a sizeable vine, with some tiny flower buds appearing.


I still don’t know what it is… maybe I’ll never know as winter frost is approaching and it may never set fruits… It’s got huge leaves and giant tendrils that are curled to weeds in it’s path.  This vine is just growing on the ground, maybe I’ll give it a support tonight…..

Do you know what it is? I am not happy that I may will never even know what it is as fall is approaching…


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