Harvest this week

Harvested this week are  – DSC_0001

Few summer veggies: 3 cucumbers, 4-5 zucchinis and handful of snap peas.
cucumbers went into salad for dinner, snap peas were munched 2 minutes from taking this photo and zucchini was made into curry (see below)

Greens, I got 2-3 heads of leaf lettuce and fenugreek. (not pictured)


DSC_0007 (2)

Root vegetables: Beets
Beet greens and beets were chopped along with onions and chilies. Made beet curry with beets, greens, onion and tomato. yummy.

Herbs: loads of chives, rosemary. Few twigs of catnip (??) and lemon balm for drying. Bag full of Mint for freezing and giving away…

And what did I make with beet greens and zucchini on hand? Vegetable curry…