Bloom Report: Roses

Red Flowering Rose

A rose to rise
A rose to fall
A rose to conquer all

 orange rose

I have countless rose buses in my backyard – well countless really means 7, that’s still too many for me. When we moved into this house last winter, all of them were pruned back to roots with about 2 inches of stem left. I had really given up hope for these almost dead rose plants. To my surprise most of them sent out shoots early summer, some are busy blooming and few are recovering, 2 are dead. Some plants are climbing variety that are “once-bloom” types, other yellow and orange roses are continuous bloom in summer. I also read that roses develop on two year old canes, I have high hope for other non-producing 3 rose shrubs in my garden.I did not give rose food this year fearing it might be too much for the plants as they were trying to live again, added some compost about 2 times. I am still learning about fertilizing, composting, pruning and harvesting roses.  
rose with rose

My little one in front of lone orange rose bloom, this rose shrub produced only 5-6 roses this season, it is still recovering from almost deadly hard pruning. You can see Lilac, geraniums, Day Lily and Japanese snowball flowering plants (all non-blooming this time in season)

Here’s what I learned so far:

Bloom Season: Roses start to bloom early summer, June through September. More you cut roses, more they’ll set out new shoots and buds.
Going Dormant: If un-cut roses are let develop fruit then they go in dormancy. Towards early fall I’ll purposely let roses develop fruit signaling them to go dormant and store up all all the energy for next season.
Rose Food:  not sure yet…
Pruning: Hard pruning of roses is done in early spring, if you have a hybrid rose (read plant tag) then prune it back to 12 inches.
I read that roses are produced on two year canes, true? maybe or maybe not. Pruning this year would have destroyed my tiny rose plants, so I gave it a pass this spring.

tiny rose

Still have high hope from this rose shrub, it is showing signs of recovery. Pruned almost to roots last winter is sending new shoots and few tiny buds…

non flowering rose

This is fragrant pink rose, only produced 1 rose in entire year. Is this ‘climbing’ variety? What should I do to make this plant bloom vigorously?

Rose is favorite flower in my house, it sits in flowerpots, is offered to god or sometime adorns my hairstyle. One of the rose shrub went crazy this summer and produced 100+ fragrant yellow mellow flowers. Mid-summer I almost ended up making ‘GulKand’ ( translation: Sugary Rose), damn busy schedule at work I could not get to it, maybe next year. Gulkand is prepared using edible rose petals with sugar, sundried for 10-15 days. It’s got medicinal properties – It’s an ayurvedic tonic, spoonful of gulkand reduces acidity, cools down body temperature in hot months and useful in teeth or eye inflammation.
Not sure about eating gulkand as medicine, I would have surely made Gulkand Ice-cream…. well, no dwelling on missed opportunity, wait is on for another year…


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