Marigolds bring memories back to me, it is considered holy flower and used heavily on auspicious days.  This year I have just 2 small pots with tiny yellow marigolds. I went cheap route and bought 30 cent seed packet from Walgreens. To my surprise, seeds did germinate and I have 3-4 plants in 2 pots unexpectedly.
I remember my mother saving marigold seeds from dried flower and re-use them to make new plants year round (we lived in tropical sunny region). Not sure if I can do same with the hybrid flowers now-a-days, I am going to give it a try.

This year for Ganapati festival I did not have many homegrown flowers, there’s hardly anything blooming in my garden late August. I got couple phlox, few roses, marigold and geraniums. Most of my garden flowers are spring and early summer bloomers – Lilac, Syringa, Iris, roses, Day lily, Japanese snowball etc. My quest next year is to plant late summer blooming flowers – annuals and perennials, and of course lots of marigolds. I dream of making marigold garlands for next year Ganapati.

Readers out there – do you have any flowering plant suggestions for me that blooms late summer?