Growing Broccoli


So I know nothing about growing broccoli but somehow I have timed it nicely, thank you to cheap seeds being sold at Walgreens. few months back in June I was browsing clearance section as usual with 2 kids screaming and pleading to buy some cheapo toys. I went cheapo not for toys but for seeds… they were discounted 3 for a dollar, what a deal (if they really produced anything ;)). I got marigold, carrots and broccoli packets.

Fast forward to August – While browsing found that broccoli is cool weather crop and should be planted 85 to 100 days before first frost of the season. Secret to best tasting broccoli is cool weather (and we got plenty of that in this part of the country). Let’s say first frost date in Sammamish, WA is October 22nd, rewind 100 days and we got 12 July. Well, I started plants right around beginning of July, unintentionally I timed it nicely. Let’s see what I actually get in another 2 months, wish I can fast forward time.

Clearly these broccoli starts are not healthiest, they have been attacked by some creature leaving tiny holes on leaves. I am not applying any pesticide or natural remedy at this point, playing wait and watch game, if it gets worst then I may so some milk spray on leaves.

Here’s what I have been reading about broccoli lately –,7518,s1-5-16-1347,00.html